Online information + semantics = endless possibilities?

The changes facing (and driving) the publishing industry are hard to ignore (we are all web users and newspaper readers—whether paper or digital—after all). While content providers and publishers are challenged to achieve both financial profitability and market share, customers are confronted with new content options almost daily. Given the period of innovation and discovery that we are experiencing, I think the theme of this year’s Online Information Conference: “Discover new ways of working in the linked and social web” is well suited for all involved.

We are excited to be among the hundreds of companies participating in the conference again this year and proud to have our customers, the news agency AGI, with us to talk about how they are using semantic technology to transform their content and publishing operations.

Expert System has been working with publishers for more than 10 years to use semantic technology to manage their content, so for us, it is exciting to see semantic technology begin to emerge in the larger discussion of knowledge management and business intelligence. Our seminar session “What value does semantic search bring to business intelligence?” will delve into the bigger scope of semantics for the enterprise.

In a recent interview with Information World Review, I talked about the fact that 2010 has been the year that both Google and Facebook have endorsed or at least recognised the value of semantic technologies, so I’m looking forward to seeing how this continues to impact the market—I’m sure we’ll learn a lot this week.

If you happen to be in London this week, we hope you’ll visit us at the conference!


Luca Scagliarini

Luca Scagliarini is the VP, Strategic and Business Development of Expert System, responsible for leading the company’s international expansion. He has held product marketing positions at Hewlett Packard in Italy and in the US. After leaving HP he joined SiteSmith, a managed services start up, where as Manager of the Services product line, he helped to build the company’s offering that contributed to an impressive first year growth of more than 100 customers and its ultimate sale to Metromedia Fiber Network. Before joining Expert System he was the VP Field Marketing Europe with think3, a leading provider of PLM solutions. Luca holds an Engineering Degree from the Politecnico di Milano (Italy) and an MBA from Santa Clara University (California, USA).

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