Semantics and the BBC: What we can learn from early adopters

I always enjoy hearing from the BBC on their use of semantics, and appreciate how they are sharing this journey with the rest of the world. With such a visible and well-known medium, they are a great champion for semantic technology, especially in terms of bringing it into the mainstream conversation about all the possibilities that exist with information.

An article on this week highlighted the BBC’s Linked Data Platform and how their use of semantics has evolved since their 2010 World Cup project. In it, David Rogers, the Senior Technical Architect for BBC Future Media [...]

Why Can’t My Computer Understand Me?

I enjoyed reading this article that described in a clear and thorough way, that the road to developing an, at least partially, intelligent computer is long and winding.

It is too common to read articles that magnify little incremental improvements applicable only to specific context as major revolutionary milestones (does this ring a bell Google or IBM? :-) )

There aren’t any real shortcuts on this matter. Even analysing billions of web pages, including wikipedia and other vast structured knowledge bases, is not enough to make a computer understand a simple phrase that even an eight year old could easily comprehend [...]

SemTechBiz 2013: The Future of Semantics

At last week’s Semantic Technology Conference, I wasn’t able to venture much past our booth this year, but I wanted to highlight some of the big takeaways based on what I did see and what I heard others talking about.

Automatic news monitoring: Undoubtedly we are all “consuming” far more information than even a few years ago. Whatever the subject of our interest, a multitude of sources exist that cover most any aspect of it, and in great detail. Online news outlets, blogs, forums and social media produce a quantity of information that is [...]

Calculating the ROI of Information Assets is Not Impossible

It is common to read that one of the major issues with search or text mining technology investments is that it is basically impossible to calculate the ROI.

While I agree that calculating ROI is less deterministic than with other technology investments, I disagree that it can’t be done–it’s just that the calculation that has higher variance than others. Estimating the value of an organization’s information assets—specifically the value of each piece of information available to it at any moment in time—varies widely.

At a certain moment in time for any organization, its content [...]

Big Data is the Focus at SemTechBiz

The annual Semantic Technology Conference (SemTechBiz) is coming up this weekend in San Francisco and it looks like “Big Data” is the big buzzword this year. I’m glad to see so much conversation about the value that semantics can bring to the big data equation, especially to the unstructured part of big data. This is where semantic technology shines, and I’m expecting to see some great examples of companies who are taking advantage of this.

We’ll be talking about one of our own customer implementations in “Semantics Goes Beyond the Call Center” on [...]