Banking & Insurance

The power of Cogito has been deployed in a great number of banks and financial institutions. Knowledge management, customer care, risk assessment and anti-money laundering are among the most frequently deployed solutions.

Mobile and online banking achieve an elevated level of user experience when language is employed as a primary interface. Understanding language as expressed by the customer and acting upon the request achieves a high level of customer satisfaction and loyalty. The same holds true for service.

When customers express their needs within the context of their understanding, this offers the institution a unique opportunity to satisfy the need as expressed. Being able to respond without an elaborate or repetitious translation into the language of the bank is perceived by the customer as friendly and empathic. Customers love the experience.

When evaluating the risk profile of a request for financing, there are many considerations beyond the balance sheet and income statement. Cogito has been deployed to understand the conduct profile of company leadership to reveal any additional factors that may indicate risk. When financing is closely associated to the quality of leadership, leadership conduct becomes an increasingly significant consideration.

Money laundering is not only about financial transactions, it’s about abstract relationship connected by commerce and conducted by those who go to great lengths to appear completely legitimate. Obfuscating illegal conduct is intentional and is achieved in increasingly sophisticated ways. Cogito is extremely powerful when applied to identifying and exposing abstract relationships, which is why a growing number of financial institutions rely on Cogito technology to contribute to their anti-money laundering efforts.