Banking & Insurance

A large number of banks, insurance and financial organization have choosen Cogito text mining solutions and applications to improve customer support processes or mitigate their financial risks.
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Public Administration

Take advantage of the complexity and scale of public sector information with affordable tools for gaining insight and valuable intelligence from unstructured and structured data sets. Cogito technology improves your ability to find the right information and the right answer at the right time.
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Defense & Intelligence

Cogito Cognitive Computing technology has been adopted by several of the world’s most important law enforcement and security agencies to easily detect threats, identify and prosecute crimes or assess risks, analyzing any kind of communications, from social media conversations and web based information, to documents or datasets.
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Life Science & Pharma

Improving information practices is a great opportunity for organizations in the Life Science and Pharma sector. Cogito ensures faster access to scientific information and social media monitoring capabilities to communicate with patients or listen for adverse events.
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Oil & Gas

Cogito analyzes the large amounts of data collected from engineering, geological and production operations to provide valuable information for decision making. Leverage information collected and processed by Cogito to ensure competitive advantage, safe working conditions and effective knowledge sharing.
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Media & Publishing

Content is the most important asset for companies in the Media and Publishing industries. Take advantage of cognitive applications and semantic content enrichment to ensure the availability of content for both product development and monetization.
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Some of the world’s largest organizations in Manufacturing, Telco, IT, Utilities, OEM and others have chosen to deploy Cogito, Expert System’s cognitive technology for knowledge management, customer support, corporate intelligence, risk mitigation and robotic process automation.
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