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Cogito Discover

Discover is a knowledge management software that leverages its understanding of language to classify, extract and make available the information that matters in text content.
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Cogito Intelligence Platform

Cogito Intelligence Platform reveals insight and intelligence from any volume of unstructured content supporting analysts in every phase of their intelligence activities, in government or any industry.
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Cogito Answers

Cogito Answers is the Expert System semantic software that brings a complete semantic and linguistic understanding of content and inquiry to transform the customer experience.
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Cogito for Claims

Cogito for Claims is the Expert System software for the Insurance sector that automates claims processing by capturing and extracting the data that matters to optimize the time and expense of FTEs.
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Cogito for Underwriting

Cogito for Underwriting is the Expert System software for the Insurance sector that automatically handles submissions, analyzes policies and compares them to avoid misalignment and automates assessment of property risk reports.
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Cogito Studio

Cogito Studio is a fully integrated environment for building and deploying custom semantic applications.
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Biopharma Navigator

Biopharma Navigator explores the biopharma and healthcare data landscape through a user-friendly analytics visualization interface, finding the answers you’re looking for in a few clicks.
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API & Integrations

Cogito API is a suite of semantic features and tools available for developers in a fully documented REST API Interface.
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