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Expert System harnesses the power of artificial intelligence based on semantics and machine learning to leverage the value in every piece of content. Our Cogito cognitive technology applies a human-like comprehension of language to make sense of unstructured information in big data, natural language communications and text content such as news and articles, research reports, customer interactions and emails.

Our text analytics and cognitive computing applications empower your ability to use all of your information and knowledge for your most strategic processes, from decision making and automation of information-intensive processes, to information management and risk mitigation.

Customers choose Expert System's solutions for a variety of ROI-generating deployments, including: Enterprise and insight search, automatic categorization and tagging of content, corporate and homeland security intelligence, customer service automation, warranty and insurance claims management, and more.

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Understanding any kind of text content is a core competency of Expert System. Information has changed the way organizations in any industry compete and operate.

At Expert System, we put intelligence at the core of our business to make your information —whether stored in internal repositories or accessed through the internet or information services— both findable and actionable.

With our products and solutions, all of your systems and processes that depend on text, unstructured content and big data can leverage the power of cognitive computing to capture the intelligence present in your information.
Expert System’s approach to natural language processing and text analytics leverages a deep understanding of language based on semantic technology that includes two key elements:

  • - Our semantic engine reads text in much the same way that humans do to resolve ambiguity and understand the meaning of each word (disambiguation process).

  • - Our knowledge graph maps unique concepts to words and relates them to other concepts.

The result is human-like comprehension and insight of text, at scale. This is the Cogito cognitive technology.

Our knowledge graph is rich with generic and domain-specific knowledge for all of the core vertical sectors that we cover. This knowledge can be augmented and extended to a specific business case using machine learning or by leveraging the knowledge of our customers or domain-specific subject matter experts.

As a result, we offer a best-of-both worlds approach that delivers:

  • - Realistic, faster and more flexible implementations compared to the rigid, labor intensive and more costly approaches based on statistics pure machine learning.

  • - Higher accuracy, even in complex scenarios

  • - Great flexibility to cover even the most specific use cases

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Cogito is a cognitive computing software that reads, comprehends and answers. Based on Artificial Intelligence algorithms, Cogito makes the most of your data to empower better, more informed decision-making at the speed of current technologies and at the scale of your data repository.
Powerful automatic disambiguation, tagging and classification dramatically improve your ability to process and leverage unstructured content. What we're able to do with text can be plugged directly into your existing assets and analytics: Identify virtually any entity and sentiment, expose web services or produce XML, RDF and other formats to integrate directly into your existing tools and platforms.





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