About us

Expert System develops software that understands the meaning of written language.

Based upon a patented technology that employs millions of definitions, concepts and relationships, our applications read and understand multiple languages the way people do.

When we talk about the early days of Expert System, we often lead with what has become an inside joke: "we were a start-up but didn't know it." As three university colleagues with a dream, we were determined to demonstrate that great software could be created in Italy.

At the time, the convergence of linguistics and technology was something only being talked about in research institutions or academia. There were no start-up incubators or angel investors; we were young and bootstrapping the business with what we had, doing ordinary tech work during the day, and pursuing our vision at night.

After licensing our early technology to Microsoft, we were able to fully extend our vision to developing software that could understand the meaning and context of language. The effort produced one of the first semantic analysis platforms and led to our patented Cogito technology.

Today, we provide an ever-increasing number of applications in multiple languages to many of the largest and most admired companies and government agencies throughout Europe, the Americas and the Middle East. With our successful IPO on the Italian stock exchange, our focus continues to be on developing and delivering new and enhanced capabilities for business and government, providing outstanding service to our customers and expanding our global presence and infrastructure.

To develop software that comprehends written language in the way people do, with the speed and precision required to discern, manage and utilize large volume of strategic information.
We invent technology that transforms the way people find, comprehend and use information.


Expert System is grateful to have received so many awards for our unique Cogito technology, but being awarded a patent for Cogito is perhaps the most important of all.