Natural Language

What’s natural language?

I am often asked this question by customers.
Natural language is the everyday language (English, Italian, German, etc.) used to communicate at all levels, which in computational linguistics is opposed to “formal language”, created expressly for a specific purpose. While natural language changes and evolves continuously thanks to neologisms, idioms, loanwords, slang, etc., formal language is closed and without exceptions: no semantic ambiguity, no omography, no homonimy, limited expressiveness.


Marco Varone

Marco Varone is the founder, CTO and President of Expert System. He founded Expert System with the idea of developing novel approaches in computational linguistics. Marco is the father of COGITO and of the most innovative technologies developed by Expert System. He considers the deep semantic approach the only one able to guarantee a significant jump in quality of the management of unstructured information and he believes that it’s possible to develop simple but very powerful semantic tools to manage this type of knowledge with world-wide unmatched quality. Marco holds a degree in Computer Science at the University of Modena (Italy) with top marks.

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  1. Kraken says:

    Not if you understand language other than Western ones, such as Chinese.

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