The Irony of Semantics; the different meanings – 2014 Semantic Technology Conference


Expert System was well represented and our semantic technology platform, Cogito, was again well received at the 10th Annual Semantic Technology Business Conference (SemTech) held at the San Jose Convention Center (August 19th – 21st). The conference continues to see good participation from professionals across a variety of industries and technical disciplines and our booth at the event proved to gather a lot of attention.

As the organizers are now collocating the SemTech Conference with the NoSQL Now! Conference, it is worth noting that an interestingly large amount of the sessions were dedicated to the NoSQL topic and improving relational database [...]

Technology Overview for Text Analytics

I just finished reading Gartner’s latest research covering text analytics. It seems to me like it’s their best study covering this sector so far. It is well written, comprehensive and a great tool for data analytics enterprises or business managers who want to gain in-depth knowledge on the strategic value of text analytics.

I found the research especially relevant because of its comprehensive, concrete list of use cases. The risk management section is a bit thin because it doesn’t cover specifically how text analytics furthers operating risk management but, in general, it is a very valuable [...]

Welcome to the Era of Context

This is a guest post by Nathan Kinch, Co-Founder of Sports Ollo and Entrepreneur in Residence at edgelabs. Connect with Nathan at @NathanKinch or check out the original post on LinkedIn.

Context is defined as the circumstances that form the setting for an event, statement, or idea, and in terms of which it can be fully understood.

For me, the true value of this definition resides in the final two words; fully understood.

In a world where we are constantly overloaded with information, how does one make sense of the madness?

It’s quite clear that we are no [...]

The latest Turing Test attempt: Try again

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It seems that not a day goes by without someone announcing a new revolution based on some form of deep learning, or the announcement that some organization has invested lots of money and/or people in the field of artificial intelligence. Therefore, it was inevitable that we’d eventually hear that a program had passed the Turing test.

Reports of the chatbot Eugene Goostman were all over the news, and after reading the first article about it, I could immediately tell that we were not dealing with ‘intelligence’, but clever maneuvering:

• Only 33% of the judges took the computer for [...]

More in Common than You Might Think

Take objects in your daily life. Now, equip them with technology that allows them collect data and to communicate with each other, and to us, to make our lives better.

Your car might provide you with directions but it can also let the manufacturer know how you drive, what speed and in what geography. By learning more about your usage habits and adjusting the temperature accordingly, your new connected refrigerator may help you be more energy efficient.

The auto industry has long collected usage and performance data from their vehicles now in some markets auto insurers are using the same [...]

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