Public Administration

When you serve a nation or a community, you operate at a scale that most would find difficult to comprehend. Processes are different in the public sector than in the private sector, and so is the scale. Yet the public and many within government compare the approach employed to the experience with their last online purchase or their interaction with social media and wonder why it must be so different. It is different, but there is opportunity.

One government agency determined that their internal search capability was under performing. After evaluating their options, the agency deployed Cogito semantic technology to understand their content. The result, Cogito processed the content, generated granular metadata, and tagged over one billion documents, dramatically reducing the search effort by improving the ability find what was needed.

Search is but one area of improvement that results from a deployment of Cogito. The identification of entities and the ability to classify and categorize content as it changes makes the vast amount of content a government collects both extensible and accessible.

Public Administration


  • Public Administration