Cognitive computing and text analytics designed for the enterprise

Use all of the relevant knowledge, make information actionable and intelligently automate your business processes

Expert System allows enterprises to stay competitive in a world that requires ever faster processing of increasingly diverse, high volume information.

We do this through intelligent technology and applications that provide an accurate, automatic and immediate understanding of text.


See how enterprises and government agencies use our software

Based on artificial Intelligence algorithms, our cognitive technology Cogito applies human-like comprehension to make sense of big data and unstructured information such as documents, news and articles, research reports, customer interactions and emails.

Enterprises and government agencies choose Expert System cognitive applications for ROI-generating deployments, including: automatic categorization and tagging, AI-based business processes automation, chatbots, customer experience automation, insight search, corporate and homeland security intelligence, and more.

Why choose us

We help some of the world’s largest financial organizations:

  • Automate customer service: Chatbots, natural language Q&A, automatic categorization of email and intelligent search applications
  • Enhance AI robotic process automation: Loan approvals, claims management, policy underwriting, audit support and more
  • Mitigate operational risk: Third party risk management, AML and legal compliance procedures, cybersecurity intelligence
  • Enrich customer analytics: Analyze and predict consumer behavior and trends in real time to support audience targeting
  • Augment knowledge management: Support corporate intelligence, investment strategies and competitive activities

Cogito, our text analytics and cognitive computing technology, brings scalability, accuracy and rapid ROI to Banking & Insurance.
Our cognitive computing technology provides concrete support for both tactical and strategic Defense & Intelligence activities:

  • Information analysis and monitoring: Crime prevention support for law enforcement
  • Proactively support analysts in OSINT, GEOINT and other intelligence activities

Cogito also helps government organizations find the right information at the right time and better serve citizens through natural language user interfaces, chatbots and insight search.

Public administration authorities and government agencies worldwide are using Cogito cognitive applications to support decision makers with actionable insight.
Our cognitive computing and artificial intelligence applications have been chosen by some of the industry’s leading publishers:

  • Increase productivity in editorial content creation and enhance the value of content with automation
  • Boost monetization opportunities and drive new revenue with recommendation engines, contextual ads, etc.
  • Support investigative journalism and research into leaks and tips with intuitive search and content

Explore the power of Cogito for the Media & Publishing sector.
Expert System supports the life science and pharmaceutical sector with a range of solutions for marketing, competitive intelligence and knowledge management:

  • Top-level research strategy support through analysis of industry trends and patient feedback
  • Simplify access to scientific knowledge and the published work of leading industry experts
  • Monitor competitor product development
  • More effective information management and knowledge sharing
Leverage the cognitive text analytics capabilities of Cogito across the large volume of data collected from engineering, geological and production operations to:

  • Improve management of information and knowledge in all phases (Exploration, Production, Marketing, Asset Protection, etc.)
  • Strengthen trade and investment activities with real-time access to strategic information
  • Leverage information to reduce operational risks

Expert System has tagged over a billion documents for some of the largest global oil and gas companies, providing a smarter view of critical business issues, and greater efficiency and reduced costs for managing and processing information.

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